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We are the UK's premier provider of concrete safety services for the farm. Our depot is based in the heart of the main dairy farming area of the UK, so we are well placed to provide a truly nationwide service.


Using bespoke machinery built in Switzerland, using German cutting tools, our grooving tools cut ten lines at a time using multiple tungsten cutters.

Grooves are V shaped, cut to be precisely 1.6 inches wide and in a criss-cross pattern - to maximise a cow's grip on the concrete whilst making it difficult for muck and mud to get caught in the cut grooves.

Our specialist machinery can cut between 40-50 square yards of concrete per hour, meaning that most jobs can be completed between milkings, and the work has an effective life of six to eight years.


Alongside concrete grooving, we also provide a concrete planing service, useful to the dairy farmer whose cows self feed silage in the silage clamp.

Concrete that has been made with a hard aggregate such as granite or gravel will leave the aggregate exposed as the silage effluent eats into the surface. This is damaging to cows feet, and can result in lameness.

Surface Technicians' bespoke tools plane off the exposed stony aggregate and leave your silage pit floor with a much smoother surface. A surface that is easy to keep clean, kinder to cows feet and still has enough grip to allow safe movement of animals.

The Team

With backgrounds in dairy herd management, engineering and over 30 years experience in concrete safety grooving, the Surface Technicians team is perfectly-placed to help and advise you on how to get the best from your concrete surfaces.

David Hewitt
Sales Director

Terrie Hewitt
Sales Support

George Lunt
Field Director

Warren Symcox
Field Support